Market researcher about to start a focus group

Welcome to Indiefield

Our mission is to deliver great market research fieldwork
so that you can use it to deliver everything else.

We provide market research fieldwork services to assist you with your market research project. Our exclusive market research panel and behavioural recruitment techniques can help you with your qualitative recruitment and out targeted sampling backed by Experian data enables us to complete all types of quantitative fieldwork. Our highly valued network of community-based market research recruiters and interviewers gives you access to hard to reach market research participants and our experienced fieldwork management team are passionate about delivering great client service and high quality qualitative and quantitative market research fieldwork.


When you need to carry out focus group recruitment, online surveys, CAPI and CAWI surveys, CATI and telephone surveys or car clinic management, look no further than Indiefield. Our professional team will help you reach your goal. We can help you with all of your respondent recruitment from household shoppers and heavy internet users through to luxury car buyers.

Fieldwork Specialists

We have a proven track record of delivering high quality respondent recruitment for focus groups, car clinics, and face to face fieldwork. We have developed bespoke market research systems that allow our clients to instantly access results with audio recordings of CATI and telephone surveys and respondent alerts so they can address any customer concerns as soon as they are raised.

International Market Research

With our vast network of market research fixers throughout Europe, the USA and beyond, we can help you with your fieldwork studies outside of the UK. We work directly with fieldworkers and moderators in several countries and can help you with recruitment, data collection, moderation and reporting.

We have been conducting market research fieldwork for over two decades, we have carried out research using every methodology there is. As modern technology continues to develop, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to conduct fieldwork and research.

Indiefield can help your research team by conducting the fieldwork and recruitment you need for your market research project.