Indiefield Market Research Project Manager.

Our Fieldwork Team

Fieldwork Experts

We provide qualitative recruitment services and large-scale quantitative studies with consumers right across the UK. All our work is tailored to your specific needs and our approach means you are in control of your project at all times. Whether you need to speak to shoppers or users of niche skincare brands we can help you.


Indiefield are true research and data collection specialists. We provide a tailored end-to-end service. We're professional research people ourselves. We know what it's like both on the client side and the research agency side and all our services are geared to successfully delivering your research projects.


We only employ the best and the brightest in the industry. Our team is led by recognised fieldwork expert Tara Lyons and can assist with every data collection and recruitment requirement. By choosing Indiefield as your fieldwork company you can be assured of working with a dedicated team of research professionals who care about you and your business.