Respondent about to take part in a drive test car clinic.

Automotive Market Research

We carry out both qualitative and quantitative automotive market research projects, as well as customer satisfaction programmes. We find new car buyers and model rejectors to take part in research projects. A special focus of our work is the delivery of car clinics to measure the acceptance of new vehicles and technologies.

It's All About The People

We realised early on that the automotive industry is powered by people. The people that buy the cars, the people that sell the cars, the people that service the cars and the people that make them in the first place. That's where Indiefield get involved. We join the dots and find and interview the people you need to make your research project happen.


Whether you are conducting qualitative, quantitative or mixed mode fieldwork, we have great in-depth experience. We bring expert knowledge of the automotive industry to you. We can help with all methodologies from CAPI, CATI and PAPI to groups, depths and ethnography. We have a wealth of clinic experience.

Case Studies

Truck Study

Ever had to hunt down truck owners? We have...

Honda Study

Honda's customer service has been rated as the best in the UK among car companies...

BMW 7 Series

Is it possible to get a car more luxurious than a BMW 7 series?...

Truck Study

Ever had to hunt down truck owners? We have.

Our client needed us to help them track down truck purchase decision makers for interviews that happened face to face in the respondents place of work.

Each interview lasted 60 minutes and we recruited truck decision makers with product experience. These respondents had to be the people who make the purchase decision for new trucks in 7.5 to 12 ton category.

The fleets they controlled had to consist of 10 or more trucks (independent of tonnage) and there had to be at least one Mercedes, Iveco, DAF, Scania or Renault in the fleet that had been bought new in the last 3 to 5 years.

Furthermore, within each fleet at least 50% had to be a MAN truck and all mail and courier services, rental companies and armed forces were screened out.

Honda Study

Honda's customer service has been rated as the best in the UK among car companies. A judging panel of 24,000 consumers made their decision as part of the UK Customer Satisfaction Index the most extensive calculation of customer satisfaction in the country that allows members of the public to share their opinions on how well or badly organisations are running.

Matt Gibson, Head of Customer Services at Honda says, "In tough market conditions, great customer service is a key differentiator. We are delighted to have won this award, selected by the people that matter most.".

Indiefield and Honda

Indiefield has directly contributed to Honda's Number 1 position by working on the Honda CSI. Over a period of five years we spoke to hundreds of thousands of Honda customers. The data that Indiefield collected gave Honda the ability to improve all their customer interactions which improved their customer service ratings.

Dedicated Team

For this type of work we put in place a dedicated, full time professional telephone interviewing team. We don’t use temps or students because we prefer to immerse our staff in the brand so they know the culture they are dealing with and can act as ambassadors for the brand.

Innovative Technology

The completed interviews are streamed (with the customer's consent) to a client branded website so that dealers can log in and hear for themselves what their customers think. This type of service is an amazing way of bringing the customers view to the dealers. Likewise any "Hot Alerts" (customers with immediate needs) can also be fed through for remedial action.

BMW 7 Series Study

Is it possible to get a car more luxurious than a BMW 7 series?

Indiefield has been conducting Car Clinics since 1998 and understand how vital they are to vehicle development, providing manufacturers and their suppliers with information that can be used to influence the design, marketing and pricing of future vehicles.

So when we were asked by our client to recruit BMW 7 series owners to two clinics (one in the Midlands and one in London) we were very excited.

As well as 7 series owners we had to recruit competitor vehicles which included Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and Porsche owners. There was also a small number of BMW 3 and 5 series owners thrown into the mix. These loyalists could be considered the 7 series owners of the future.

A Complete Success

The clinic was a complete success. All of the respondents turned up and were greeted with a handshake by our immaculate interviewing team. We met all our targets and over the course of 2 days interviewed 300 very wealthy respondents, with additional qualitative activities, in the form of focus groups, taking place at the same time.

A few weeks after the project we were informed that one of the BMW 7 series owners had written to BMW Head Office in Bracknell. He commented on the professionalism of the recruitment process and the actual event itself and wanted a special world of thanks sent to the interviewing team.


With the need to display confidential prototypes comes a requirement for high levels of security. Specialist companies guard the clinic hall 24 hours a day and only our staff, clients and specifically invited respondents are allowed to enter the clinic venue. Clinics are often conducted at film studios or concert locations, which are ideal venues as they are secure, patrolled locations ensuring a second layer of security.