Respondent testing product during in-home use test (IHUTs)

In Home Use and Central Location Tests

Indiefield can conduct the market research fieldwork you need for all your in-home use tests (IHUTs) and central location tests (CLTs). We recruit and interview the respondents that you need for your market research project, deliver the products for testing, complete the follow up survey, and give you the results. Our product placements are completely confidential are managed so that they are enjoyable for respondents, provide clear results, and offer you the perfect product placement and recall testing solution.

In Home Use Tests (IHUTs)

The respondents test your products at home in their natural environment. All respondents are professionally recruited and screened to provide full and detailed feedback.

Central Location Tests (CLTs)

Conducting fieldwork in a controlled environment has number of advantages including the ability to interact in-person. All participants are monitored in the same setting to eliminate any testing bias.

Product Test Logistics

We are experienced placement and recall experts and provide full support including refrigerated product transit, safe return of prototypes, and full organisation of test venues.

For all placement and recalls and product tests it is important to ensure that the process is well-thought out so that your recruits have an enjoyable and seamless experience. As well as fully screening to ensure respondents will correctly engage with the product, we implement a unique numbering system that allows us to easily keep track of the identity of each respondent (as well as payment and appointment time of each participant if we are running a central location test). At each stage of the fieldwork you are kept completely up to date so that you always know exactly what is going on.