Anyone who knows us well knows all about our passion for automotive fieldwork. The car is the most practical, well-used tool around today and our enthusiasm for the motor industry combined with a desire to do great data collection is what started the company.

It's All About The People

We realised early on that the automotive industry is powered by people. The people that buy the cars, the people that sell the cars, the people that service the cars and the people that make them in the first place. That's where Indiefield get involved. We join the dots and find and interview the people you need to make your research project happen.


Whether you are conducting qualitative, quantitative or mixed mode fieldwork, we have great in-depth experience. We bring expert knowledge of the automotive industry to you. We can help with all methodologies from CAPI, CATI and PAPI to groups, depths and ethnography. We have a wealth of clinic experience.

Case Studies

Truck Study

Ever had to hunt down truck owners? We have...

Honda Study

Honda's customer service has been rated as the best in the UK among car companies...

BMW 7 Series

Is it possible to get a car as luxurious as the BMW 7 series?...