Consumer research is a science in its own right. Utilising a broad array of techniques, we conduct studies that help our clients meet the demands of consumers through the highest level of scientific research and technology available.

We Found Them

We know where your consumers are. It may mean we need to go to a trendy bar on a Friday evening, stand outside a supermarket on a Saturday morning, telephone them in the evening or email them your survey. Whatever approach is required you can be sure that our ability to find the consumers you need is unrivalled.


From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. It’s locked away in the mind of the consumer. Using every methodology we have at our disposal we can help you apply the correct research technique to make sure you get the most from your research.

Case Studies

Wine Study

The initial recruitment was to a central location test in Greater London and Manchester. The...

Ofcom Study

Working for Holden Pearmain we recently conducted a high profile survey to be used by Ofcom.

Mobile Study

This was a study of 1,000 people (mixed mode CAPI and online) which included the coding of an...

Mascara Study

This was one of those jobs that we love to work on. It was a series of focus groups and depth interviews...

Fragrance Study

The aim of the study was to understand how 3 technically different packs stand up to normal usage by...

BBC Study

We needed to find usability subjects on a project testing for users' perception of current functionality...