After being around for nearly two decades, we have conducted research in pretty much every methodology in existence. Furthermore, as modern technology continues to develop, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to conduct research.

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Qualitative Methods

Focus Groups
Generally 8 respondents per group.
Mini Groups
Generally 5 respondents per group.
Triads / Dyads
Groups of 3 / 2 respondents.
F2F in-depth interviews
Face to Face one-to-one interviews known as IDIs.
Telephone in-depth interviews
One to one interviews known as TDIs.
Accompanied shopping trips
Respondents accompanied by a moderator in one to one sessions during a shopping trip.
Online Qual
All the depth of F2F coupled with the efficiency of Online methods.

Quantitative Methods

CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews
Conducted in house in our telephone department.
CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interviews
F2F interviews conducted in various settings.
CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviews
F2F interviews conducted in various settings using online surveys.
PAPI - Pen and Paper Interviews
F2F interviews conducted in various settings.
Exit Interviews
F2F interviews with respondents as they leave a specific store. Can be conducted as CAPI, CAWI or PAPI.
Research Clinics
Large-scale central location tests. Always pre-recruited and usually automotive.
Hall Tests / CLTs
Pre-recruited or street intercepted central location tests. Can be conducted as CAPI, CAWI or PAPI.
Placement and Recall
F2F in home interviews after respondent is given a product to trial for a week or two.
Online Quant
Standard online surveys.