Market researcher conducts a focus group

Fieldwork Services

Indiefield's market research fieldwork services are designed to help you will all your market research projects. For focus group recruitment we use a variety of fieldwork methods including behavioural recruitment and our superior market research panel which is also available for traditional online surveys. As well as in person fieldwork events we can deliver participants for your virtual and remote fieldwork. Each member of our team is a market research fieldwork specialist and can help you with all of your respondent recruitment needs. Through our extensive business executive and medical market research experience we are able to deliver challenging fieldwork projects with ease including car clinics and pre-recruited events that require complex logistical services.

Delivering a great market research fieldwork experience is at the centre of everything we do and our community based fieldworkers are able to find and engage participants for a wide range of quantitative market research fieldwork services including all types of face to face fieldwork as well as in-home use and central location tests. The strength and depth of our fieldwork team extends to all types of mystery shopping exercises and airside airport interviewing. The CATI and telephone surveys that we conduct yield very high response rates and even in this internet age they remain a powerful tool for collecting information. We prove that many people will engage with a friendly and professional market research interviewer. Our fieldwork team is available for you today so please get in touch.