Indiefield's sample and data services

High Quality Sampling

Indiefield can help you deliver you research projects using the most up-to-date, accurate, and targeted sample available today. We go beyond standard sampling and tailor the list through our own field research in order to clean and expand upon the list and we find the name of the person you need for your research project and recruit them to take part.

Verified Data

Our lists are checked through phoning and emailing and in person interviews are completed by our on the ground team that covers the whole of the UK.

Trusted Sources

We have access to thousands of UK consumers and we enrich this data through our own research and recruitment activities to provide highly accurate sample.

Survey Ready

Our approach means that you get value for money and immediate survey completions. Our data is up to the minute and respondents are ready to take part in your survey.

Our data is accurate, complete, and responsive - built specifically for your project through our pre-screening activities. Just let us know who you are looking for and we will supply you with the survey ready respondents to meet your brief.