Mystery shopper selecting and counting stock

Mystery Shopping

Indiefield can be your eyes and ears with our mystery shopping and audit fieldwork services. We can provide mystery shopping services across the UK including airside duty free areas, high street retailers, car dealerships, pubs, restaurants, sporting events, festivals, conventions, and tourist attractions. We can go into supermarkets and photograph displays and count stock. We can even purchase products and send them directly to you.

The Right Team

Each mystery shopping team is handpicked to perfectly match the brief to be undetectable and allow you to authentically measure the sales and service experience.

Video Recording

Using the latest covert hidden camera technology we can supply high quality sound and images of our experiences which can be used to enhance your project.

Online Shopping

We can help you evaluate live webchat and social media based customer service to understand how things are really performing from a customer's perspective.

The mystery shoppers are selected on the basis that they are a natural match for your brief. We avoid detection by often using real people, not "professional shoppers" (you only have to go into the staff room at a car dealership to see the photos of the shoppers they know to understand how important it is to avoid detection). Our shoppers are selected based on their suitability and technical ability. Provided with a clear brief and the know-how, they complete the task and report back either online or by phone, with all the necessary photos, screenshots, video clips and receipts.