Market researcher conducting a virtual focus group

Virtual and Remote Fieldwork

We make it easy for market researchers to conduct virtual and remote fieldwork by recruiting the perfect participants to take part in any type of remote fieldwork. You can be online and in-field within a day using the platform of your choice and Indiefield can support and deliver for you every step of the way.

Virtual Support

We can set up any links you need using Zoom or Teams and an Indiefield virtual host can be present at the start of the group and make sure that the group starts off perfectly for you. We can also perform tech checks on your chosen platform so that your research sessions run smoothly.

Online Surveys

You can conduct standard online surveys through to diary studies and product placement research. We can design and host your survey or simply deliver the market research respondents you need for your in house designed questionnaire.

Video Research

You can capture and manage quality self-shot videos from respondents via their phones. You can set research tasks and stimulate responses. This is a powerful market research fieldwork tool that combines ethnography, documentary film making, and respondent storytelling.

FaceTime Depths

FaceTime or video call in-depth interviews allow you to create a personal rapport with your respondent. We know that respondents want to video chat not just with friends and family, but with businesses and brands as well. It gives you the best of both worlds, the feeling you get from face to face qualitative interviews with the respondent comfortable and in their own environment.

Facebook Groups

You can recruit respondents to join your private Facebook group and conduct your market research in several ways. You can post an open-ended question asking for direct feedback, you can also post a poll or a link to a separate online survey as well as posting and receiving dynamic responses from the research respondents we have recruited for you.

Online Groups

You can conduct all types of online focus groups using conferencing software or specially developed market research platforms depending on your exact requirements. These online research sessions can take place at a set time just like a face to face focus group, or they can be spread out over a few days with respondents entering the group discussion in short bursts.

Using our virtual and online market research services, you are guaranteed real world connections with your respondents. We truly know who the research participants are, where they live, and what they do which means you can rely on high quality research findings from real respondents. You will be supplied summary respondent details in advance so you know exactly who you are dealing with and we are here to support you every step of the way.