Market researcher conducting a face to face interview

Face to Face Fieldwork

We have excellently trained and experienced community-based market researchers. We provide high quality face-to-face quantitative market research fieldwork across the UK. We have a long and proven track record that includes product tests, placement and recalls, hall tests, central location tests (CLTs), in-home, in-street, and exit surveys. Our fieldwork experience means that we can be in field and interviewing for you very fast.

In Home Surveys

This very traditional market research approach is probably one of the most popular fieldwork methodologies around. Particularly for longer questionnaires where the interviewer interaction is needed most. This method is also widely used for in-home product tests.

Exit Surveys

We can carry out market research interviews in retail environments, restaurants, conventions, concerts and sporting events without any disruption to business. We've interviewed at some amazing events over the years including Wimbledon and Champions League football matches.

Street Interviews

Also known as intercept interviews, street interviews are a great way of conducting market research. Usually an interviewer will work near a busy high street. These face to face interviews are often just a few minutes in length and respondent participation is very high.

Car Clinics

We have extensive experience recruiting respondents for car clinics. We have managed fly-in car clinics and research that includes a driving element. We have recruited and provided staffing for clinics involving as many as 600 people over a weekend so you can be sure that we can help you with all your car clinic needs. Find out more on our Car Clinic page.

CAPI Surveys

CAPI can enhance the quality of your face to face survey data. Concepts and videos can easily be shown to the respondents, questions can be customised to fit previous responses, and the research results are available in real time. Our fieldworkers are very experienced in this market research methodology and can be deployed very quickly.

Hall Tests

We have a dedicated team of interviewers and supervisors at your disposal for central location tests. Halls allow you to closely control and directly observe the interview process and provide greater confidentiality than other research methods. We can pre-recruit hard to reach samples as well as street intercept into one of the network of venues across the UK.