C Level respondent taking part in an Indiefield market research pre-recruited hall test

Executive and Medical Fieldwork Services

Indiefield can help you recruit and interview C level business executives and medical respondents for your market research projects. The professional respondents we recruit can provide expert opinions in their respective fields on business strategy and trends. They also possess invaluable perspectives on the global market, market movements and competitive opportunities and threats.

Indiefield's Approach

We see beyond job titles and treat professionals like the people they are. Their day job may well be head of IT for a large multi-national or GP in a market town but to us they are normal people! We may be recruiting them because of their job but we engage them because of the products they use or the car that they drive. This holistic approach gives us a real advantage when finding the respondents you need.

Business Recruitment

Top level executives and professionals are busy people and highly valued for their in-depth interviews and industry insights. We can help you find and recruit the high quality respondents you need for your market research fieldwork using our network of business contacts, our superior panel, and our community recruiters. Our experience extends to managers within businesses, shop floor workers and small business owners.

Medical Recruitment

We can help you recruit and interview both medical professionals as well as patients and caregivers for all your healthcare market research projects. We can assist you with the recruitment of consultants, surgeons, GPs, opticians, dentists, vets, nurses, pharmacists, medical procurement managers as well as clinical managers and staff working in the NHS and private care. Our fieldworkers have working relationships within the medical sector.

We understand that you will need access to a spectrum of business management and healthcare professionals for your research projects. Our extensive database and our strong links within the business and medical market research recruitment sector as well as our on-the-ground recruitment team means we can find and recruit the professionals you need using criteria such as job title, expertise, specialism, areas of interest, geographical location, and level of experience. This enables you to speak to the most suitable participants for your business and medical fieldwork.