Inviting people to take part in market research

Community Based Research

Respondent participation in market research is crucial and even with all our technological connectedness there remain people who are disengaged, excluded, or who seem hard to reach. Our community recruiters and interviewers live in the same town or city as the respondents you are looking for. Whether it's someone who bought a new sports car in the last three months or someone who is a new member of the migrant community in the UK, the local knowledge and proximity of our fieldworkers enables them to engage and recruit or interview on your behalf.

Local Contacts

Our fieldworkers know where the respondents live, they know where to look, they know the local area better than anyone.

Hard to Reach

Using their local knowledge, our recruiters and interviewers can find those elusive respondents to ultimately obtain quality insights to drive informed decisions.

Research Methods

From traditional through to innovative, you can carry out focus groups with your target respondents or use mobile phone feedback to understand real-time behaviour.

Our community-based fieldworkers can provide anecdotal feedback during the fieldwork project in terms of what is happening locally with your target respondents that can help to guide you during the project process. We love talking to and working with our fieldworkers because they stand for everything we do at Indiefield. Our recruiters and interviewers can find, engage, recruit, and interview members of the public for your market research projects.