Quantitative market researcher at work

Quantitative Fieldwork

One of our key services is providing clients with high quality quantitative market research interviews. As well as online surveys we conduct real world interviews that include street surveys, telephone interviews, hall tests, door to door, and product placements. The specialist team at Indiefield provide a comprehensive range of quantitative fieldwork methods and help our clients deliver the best possible market research projects. We understand the importance of reaching the correct audience, achieving relevant and robust samples, and delivering the data you need.

We Found Them

We know where your respondents are. It may mean we need to go to a trendy bar on a Friday evening, stand outside a supermarket on a Saturday morning, telephone them in the evening or email them your survey. Whatever approach is required you can be sure that our ability to find the consumers you need is unrivalled.


You can choose the data collection method you need. Indiefield can help you with both online and in person quantitative market research fieldwork. We draw on the complete portfolio of fieldwork techniques to meet your research requirements, including web, CAWI, CAPI, CATI and (of course) good old pen and paper.

Our Team

We know that reliable results requires reliable data so whether you need our community based fieldworkers to walk around car parks looking for vehicle owners or access to our superior panel for your online survey, you can be sure that Indiefield can help you find the respondents you need so that your research is actionable and insightful.

Our experienced fieldwork team is in place and ready to help you with your market research project. Our quantitative market research services are available to support researchers and our quantitative fieldwork includes all types of customer service and tracking fieldwork as well as ad-hoc projects. We can provide CATI interviews that are streamed (with the respondent's consent) to a branded website so that clients can log in and hear for themselves what their market research respondents are saying. This type of data collection presentation is an amazing way to bring the fieldwork to life. Likewise, any respondents with immediate customer service needs can be tagged and fast tracked through for immediate remedial action.