Market researcher conducting a focus group

Focus Group Recruitment

If you are looking for focus group recruitment in the UK then you have found Indiefield. Getting the right people for your market research focus groups is one of our core offerings. At Indiefield we take great care to make sure that we supply you with the best possible respondents. We know that high quality focus group respondents are an integral part of the market research process and whether that means working from our superior database of pre-screened respondents, using our embedded community recruiters or drawing upon all of our experience and creativity, we'll ensure that each individual respondent is found and recruited for all your focus group recruitment needs.


Depending on the project we use a variety of methods for focus group recruitment. Each project is unique and the service you will receive is fully customised. Our fieldwork team is extremely experienced and capable of delivering high profile projects. We are the people that can find your target respondents and deliver the focus group that you need.


We are experts and engaging and recruiting high quality respondents that will turn up on time and be chatty during your focus group. We know how important it is to get the right people in focus groups so we make sure that we screen for your specific criteria as well as character traits like openness plus a willingness to speak up and share ideas.

Always Recruiting

We are permanently recruiting new respondents to our inhouse database through a schedule of pre-determined campaigns. Our business contacts and our invaluable community fieldworkers are embedded in towns across the UK. When combined with our database this means we can meet the most demanding of project requirements.

We provide a robust and reliable focus group recruitment service. Over the years we have successfully recruited tens of thousands of research projects and our team will take your brief or screener and ultimately deliver a focus group of respondents that you can use to deliver your project objectives. You will be working with a fieldwork manager who cares about you and will deliver the focus groups that you need.