Market researcher conducting usability research

Usability Research

Indiefield can help reveal the authentic user experience and allow you to catch issues quickly and help you make sure that you deliver an intuitively designed website or app. We provide the respondents you need so you can be guaranteed objective feedback from real people, ensuring that your design decisions are based on authentic user behaviour rather than the assumptions or opinions of those already familiar with the product. This is so important because informally testing websites and apps on friends and colleagues risks inaccurate feedback that simply won't answer real world user questions.


Using remote access software you can speak to users in their own environments and reveal any potential flaws or quick wins during your development cycle.

In Person

Working to your schedule we can send in users to test your product or you can travel to their home and add an ethnographic element to your project.


We can help you find users with specific needs and challenges so that from the very start your product speaks to everyone and his highly accessible for all users.