Indiefield project manager at work

Our Fieldwork Team

Everyone says it, but in our case it is true: our team is the secret to our success. In fact, we more than a team. We are a family of fieldwork professionals spanning three generations all committed to delivering perfect market research fieldwork for our clients. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right and together we are what makes Indiefield. We are all committed to delivering great market research fieldwork. We work hard every day to make sure that we look after both each other and our clients and we produce innovative and sought after fieldwork.

Fieldwork Experts

We provide both qualitative and quantitative market research fieldwork in the UK and beyond. All our work is tailored to your specific needs and our approach means you are in control of your project at all times. Whether you need to speak to household shoppers or users of a niche skincare brand, Indiefield can help you.


Indiefield are true market research fieldwork experts. We provide a tailored end-to-end service for all your data collection and recruitment needs. We're professional research people ourselves. We know what it's like on the client side and all our services are geared to successfully delivering your market research projects.

The Best Team

Our fieldwork team is the brightest in the UK market research industry. We can assist with all your quantitative data collection and qualitative recruitment needs. By choosing Indiefield as your fieldwork company you can be assured of working with a dedicated team of research professionals who care about you and your business.

Let's Help Each Other

We are so happy that you are here and we hope you find two things with us: great market research fieldwork and qualitative recruitment at a price you think is fair; and a seamless personal experience that makes you feel happy in those market research moments that matter most. Here's to that!

It is the work we do for our clients that really motivates us. We want to get everything right. So whether you need a price, need help with your project, need help choosing the best methodology, or have a suggestion, we really do want to hear from you. We are only an email away.