Respondent taking part in a telephone survey

CATI and Telephone Surveys

We know that with the right market research interviewing team, CATI and telephone surveys offer particular advantages for your market research project. With the right sample CATI and telephone surveys can still yield high response rates but moreover the personal contact between our market research interviewer and your respondent can not only provide additional valuable information, but for certain groups this method is often the most effective way to engage them.

High Survey Response Rates

The proof is in our survey response rates - on many market research projects over 90% of the sample is converted. We pride ourselves on our high survey conversion rates and our ability to engage with respondents. We use the Formoo survey platform and can easily link to your software for a seamless fieldwork service.

Respondent Participation

We offer so much more than just flat CATI surveys. We deliver real respondent respect and care. We use a dedicated local team of market research interviewers who are immersed in the project objectives to act as brand ambassadors and deliver a wonderful survey interview experience for participants.

Telephone Survey Technology

We can provide a customised, branded login screen for your survey results with the market research interviews streamed to a branded website for direct access for your in-house market research customers. Our survey sample reporting can include detailed respondent record outcomes so you can be sure that each and every single potential participant is looked after.

Sample Management

Our intelligent sample management allows for 10 call backs before a record is abandoned and tracks when the call is made to ensure likeliest interview success. For example, an engaged tone is called back with ten minutes, a no answer in the morning is then called back in the afternoon, then evening and cycles through different times of the day.


We use Formoo technology which is extremely flexible and can cope with multiple choice questions, rating scale questions, likert scale questions, matrix questions, dropdown questions, open-ended questions, demographic questions, ranking questions and for online surveys our software can manage image choice questions, file upload questions, slider questions, and benchmarkable questions.


All our work is certified and transparent. We are ISO, ESOMAR, MRS and GDPR approved. Our interviewers are trusted and experienced. We monitor call lengths, calls made, strike rates, and actual interview quality. After each survey respondents are contacted via email. We do not use remote dialers and have a very friendly and enjoyable approach to all our surveys.